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Meow Monday

JackFluffySqueaky Get your Meow Monday merchandise:click on photos to order

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19 Vegetarian Grilling Recipes

Over the years I’ve found some amazing ways to turn vegetables (with the occasional help from other items) into solid main courses. These ideas range from hearty salads tossed with grilled vegetables, skewers paired...

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Weekly Meal Plan {What’s For Dinner}

Good Morning! I hope you are all having a great Father’s Day!This week’s menu has several of my all-time favorite grilling recipes.I am counting down the days until we have the Grilled Huli Huli...

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Let It Be Sunday, 124!

Hello my friends! Welcome to Sunday. It’s Father’s Day and I hope that means you’re spending quality time with your people. My dad is easy to laugh, the best pie maker, and he’s got...

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Beautiful Brussels, Belgium

Beautiful Brussels, Belgium – things to see and the BEST places to eat in Brussels. Waffles and 5 star restaurants galore!Our last stop on our Belgium trip was Brussels. We used our ACPrail tickets...

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Kombucha Grapefruit Cocktail

Here I am, sidling up to your weekend with a cocktail. We’re adding kombucha to our weekend cocktail because my girl Whitney made these Kombucha Mimosas and I thought we should all share in...