Monthly Archive: February 2018

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Sweet and Salty Yogurt Snack

Everyday is a series of events that I talk myself into, shadowed by a series of events that I have talked myself out of. Checks and balances, every day. Talking myself into an early...

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Slow Cooker Deep Dish Pizza

Slow Cooker Deep Dish Pizza – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza in the slow cooker/crockpotSlow Cooker Deep Dish Pizza – seriously delicious! Fresh pizza dough topped with mozzarella, homemade meat sauce and your favorite...

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Vegan Love Shakes!

We usually don’t do a big thing of Valentine’s day so I’m not sure what happened here. Maybe it was because we recently got married or because Elsa has been drawing and folding Valentine...

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Slow Cooker Taco Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Taco Pot Roast – use for shredded beef tacos and burrito bowls. Pot roast, au jus mix, taco seasoning, tomato juice and diced tomatoes and green chiles.Slow Cooker Taco Pot Roast –...

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The Most Popular Recipe Last Month

I’m always quite a bit surprised to see which recipes pop the most throughout the month. And, it’s always fascinating to see which recipes end up being most popular. For example, looking back on...

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Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start off your week! SqueakyJackFluffy Get your Meow Monday merchandise:click on photos to order

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Braised Chicken and Mushroom Ragu

I was just sitting here thinking of the maybe one time I’ve gotten chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day. If it takes more than 7 minutes to locate a possible memory like that…. well,...